The Globe Life: SSPS Organization offers several premium and no-cost products available to families of labor/credit unions, associations, and other organizations.

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Our Line of Work

Our main focus is meeting your needs. We offer financial products and complimentary benefits to individuals and organizations worldwide. As part of the American Income Life family, we are the exclusive 100% union-label insurance company globally. Collaborating with 30,000 unions and groups, we provide life insurance and supplemental benefits to hard-working families like yours. With diverse plans and programs, our representatives will assist you in finding the most suitable option for you and your family. Whether it’s whole or term life insurance, accident protection, Cancer Protection, or supplemental health products, we provide essential protection and peace of mind for your family’s future. Moreover, we are dedicated to community service and philanthropy. Our organization contributes time and resources to local non-profit organizations through monthly projects. To access the benefits available to labor unions, credit unions, and marketplaces nationwide, please contact our office to learn more about how we can serve you effectively.

Life Insurance

Final Expense

Premiums never increase during your ownership of your Whole Life policy. Choose the right benefit amount for your family based on your needs and the coverage lasts a lifetime.

Morgage Protection

Mortgage protection is a policy designed to provide financial support to your loved ones in the event of your accidental death. It ensures that they can cover the mortgage and remain in your home even after you’re no longer here.

Income Protection

Would the loss of your income negatively impact those who depend on you? Our income protection can help take care of your family financially.

Children Education Protection

Our children’s education is vitally important. Therefore it is crucial to ensure that their education is protected in the event that you are removed from their lives prematurely.

Supplemental Health


Accident Protection

Just the thought of an accident taking the life of a loved one is very troubling. No matter what your age or circumstances, you or a family member could be a victim.

Hospital Indemnity

If you or a family member got sick or had an accident, would you be able to afford a large hospital expense? American Income Life offers an affordable hospital indemnity insurance policy that can help protect your family from the unexpected.

Cancer Protection

Cancer diagnosis often causes financial hardship for families whether the patient is the primary wage earner or another member of the family. Many men and women don’t have the financial resources to survive while they are unable to work.

Critical Illness

How would you handle a critical illness? How would you pay deductibles and other out-of-pocket medical expenses related to your illness? A critical illness policy can mean the difference between financial security and financial hardship.

No-Cost Products

No-Cost Child Safe Kit

Parents know the fear of momentarily losing their child, only to find them gone. AIL’s Child Safe Kit® provides instant access to vital information, aiding in quick recovery. Crucial details for their safe return, all in one place.


No-Cost Will Kit

A properly drafted will ensures that our wishes are respected and our assets distributed according to our desires. It provides peace of mind, safeguards family harmony, and secures their financial future. Prepare, protect, and provide for those you cherish.

No-Cost A&D Kit

It’s not about you. Life insurance is something you do to protect those you love so they don’t suffer financially if your income is no longer there. Life insurance can be the only thing that stands between your loved ones and financial hardship.